Extreme Acrobat, Forks with Flavor & a Town on Fire

Brittany Walsh shot an arrow at David Letterman and he loved it!  Her “stupid human trick” was the hit of the night. This week on Ripley Radio, she tells us all about that night and how she hit her target, standing on her hands and shooting the bow with her feet!

We also hear about a new revolution in tasting! A company has created an aromafork, a utensil that provides different flavors and smells to your food. The product goes on sale this summer.


  • The apartment where President Barack Obama lived while attending Law School at Columbia University in New York City, is now a Bed and Breakfast and can be rented by the night.
  • Hikers going up Mt. Everest must now bring back an additional 17 pounds of trash, or be fined. Angela tells us it’s all a part of a major clean-up of the mountain
  • Chad Lewis takes us on a couple interesting road trips. First we go to a town in Pennsylvania that has been on fire for more than 50 years, and then to a valley in Missouri where a light mysteriously appears most nights. Nobody has been able to figure out where it comes from or where it goes when approached
  • Emmy-award winning TV reporter Scott Fais takes us to a swamp where a relative of Florida’s famed skunk ape has been seen
  • A pizza shop owner hates to see his pizza dipped in Ranch Dressing, so much that he charges $1,000 for anyone who wants some of the condiment.
  • Edward tells us that Ripley’s Bizarre Buying Bazaar will be at the Believe It or Not! museum in Panama City Beach, Fla., on April 18 & 19. He’ll be there with Ripley’s checkbook looking for oddities of all kinds to add to the Ripley’s archives.

Meklit provides this week’s musical egress with Slow.

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