Growing Your Own Boat & Visiting the Garden of Eden

Richard Reames grows boats and chairs! He plants trees in a pattern, waters and waits as they grow into what he wants them to be.

Chad Lewis takes us on a road trip to Southern Wisconsin, where he discovers the Garden of Eden.


  • Skidmore College is offering a summer course based on Miley Cyrus.
  • Ralf finds out it’s much more than a class on popular culture when he talks with the assistant professor who will be teaching it
  • Angela reports on a new cell phone fit for the spies amongst us – it self-destructs if tampered with
  • Chad Lewis tells the tale of a mansion that purportedly grew and shrank on its own, and nobody could figure out how it did it
  • In her Weird Medical Malady Minute, Jodi Pliszka informs us if the doctor can’t figure out what’s ailing you, check out what alien objects you may have in your stomach
  • Award-winning Florida broadcaster Scott Fais describes a small island on Florida’s West Coast inhabited only by monkeys, with a warning to not get too close
  • A man on a business trip to Europe buys one of the missing Faberge Eggs from the Court of Imperial Russia for $15,000. He bought it for the gold value, not realizing at the time that it was worth many, many millions. We unveil its value
  • And we hear of a new mummy discovery in Germany. The mummified woman was discovered sitting in a chair in front of her turned-on television.

For our musical egress this week, we hear the award-winning country song by Kacey Musgraves, Merry Go ‘Round.

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