Winnie The Pooh in Real Life and Blood & Needle Phobias

A bear with a jar stuck on his head in the Canadian city of Sudbury was rescued by officials after it blindly walked into a police cruiser! Was it the REAL Winnie the Pooh? This week Ripley Radio talks with a constable who helped the young bear.

The overwhelming fear of needles & blood is discussed this week by Sara Latta in the third installment in her series on strange and weird phobias.


  • Ralf talks with a TV reporter who uncovered a heroin selling ring taking place from the intensive care ward of the local hospital
  • Chad Lewis takes us road trippin’ again this week to Colorado where one can watch a drive-in movie from their motel room and where one can climb the steps of an official alien-watching platform where they can be amongst the first to spot a spacecraft speeding toward Earth
  • Angela reports on a new study that shows that lathering your beef and pork with beer prior to cooking it on the outside grill can cut down on your cancer risks
  • We hear where a 26-story tall game of Tetris was played
  • Ralf tells us of a 5-year old boy who figured out how to bypass parental controls and passwords on Xbox.

Tennessee based rock band Paramore provides our musical egress this week with Ain’t it Fun?

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