Church Services In A Strip Club & Abe Lincoln’s Pocket Watch

Among the greatest conspiracies that you may not know about is the Great Abraham Lincoln Pocket Watch Conspiracy. That’s also the name of a new book. It’s author, Jacopo della Quercia joins us this week on Ripley Radio, the official radio show of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! and tells us his story is based on true historical facts, but that he added some very quirky fictional twists.

We also hear about a church whose pastor moved its Sunday services to a strip club in town because he wanted to better reach the underserved Christians in the area.


  • Chad Lewis takes us road trippin’ to Kansas where we visit the home of the original piggy bank
  • We talk with a lady who found $40,000 of cash in a used sofa she bought at a Salvation Army Thrift Shop and find out whether she returned it or kept it and why she made that decision
  • Angela looks at some of the amazing inventions that young kids have made over the years
  • Ripley’s archivist Edward Meyer tells us how close the company was to acquiring a Beatle’s home-made movie for free that sold for more than a million dollars.

The Bangles provide us with our rocking musical egress this week with Hazy Shade of Winter.

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