Two-headed Babies & Visiting A Bordello Museum

The birth of conjoined twins is more common than most people think in these modern times. This week on Ripley Radio, the official radio program of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! we take a look at this birth phenomena and learn where most of the two-headed children are born and which sex – male or female – has the best chance of survival.

Ripley’s Roadside America expertChad Lewis returns with another road trip suggestion. This time, he takes us to Idaho to a Bordello Museum and to a small town shaped like a horseshoe.


  • Ralf provides an answer to what we should do with our cremains once we are gone. He tells us about a company in Alabama that will stuff shotgun shells and bullets with our ashes and present them to our next-of-kin in a nice gift box – Believe It or Not!
  • Was it divine intervention that stopped a careening 12-ton boulder just inches away from a church that would have been a pile of timber if the rock had hit it? We talk with the minister
  • Chris Christ, the 48-year partner with Ward Hall in the World of Wonders sideshow, stops by and talks about the newly-released official biography of Ward Hall – King of the Sideshow!, written by Ripley Radio executive producer Tim O’Brien. We learn that 2014 is Ward Hall’s 70th year in show business
  • Police officer Jimmy Hamilton explains how he helped an 8-year old girl stop the car in which she was travelling after her mother, the driver, lost consciousness.

The legendary Genya Ravan, the original rocker chick, provides this week’s musical egress, a rocking cover of the Supremes 1965 hit, Back in My Arms Again.

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