Bed Bug Tattoos & Bizarre Laws

You can’t tie up your alligator to a fire hydrant after 9 p.m. in Detroit, and you are not allowed to honk your car horn in front of a sandwich shop after 9 p.m. in this Southwestern US city. Weird laws are still on the books, and often enforced. We’ll be talking about these and other bizarre laws on this week’sRipley Radio, the official radio show of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! 

Allowing bed bugs to crawl over your arm and randomly bite you is the latest craze in strange tattooing methods. We talk with Mat Camper, who says those who volunteer for the free “tattooing” are actually helping advance science. Believe It or Not!


  • We hear about a policeman who was attacked by a falling oak tree during a routine traffic stop and it was all caught on video.
  • Chad Lewis takes us to Oklahoma on his weekly road trip where we stay at an RV park that also features a drive-in movie theater on the premises and then we take a drive down America’s longest and straightest stretch of highway.

Our musical egress this week is provided by Naughty Boy with La, La, La.

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