Thieving Bears & Whiskey Flavored Pigs

Bears of all kind have been making headlines this summer but the latest weird bear story from New Hampshire may be the best yet. It seems a bear broke into a parked car and stole the car stereo.  This week on Ripley Radio, we talk with Sargent George Walker, the trooper who investigated the crime.

Whiskey flavored bacon coming from whiskey flavored pigs? Believe It or Not! it could happen.We’ll have a chat with Scott Bush, the president of the Templeton Rye Distillery and he’ll tell us about his plans.

Allowing bed bugs to crawl over your arm and randomly bite you is the latest craze in strange tattooing methods. We talk with Mat Camper, who says those who volunteer for the free “tattooing” are actually helping advance science. Believe It or Not!


  • In honor of July 4, Angela takes a look at some very unusual facts, myths, and stories about our National Holiday.
  • Ralf tells us what city in the world has people taking the most selfies.
  • We hear about the bizarre charges connected with what could be the largest law suit in the history of mankind.
  • Chad Lewis takes us road trippin’ to Indiana where we visit some very strange cemeteries and grave sites.

British pop singer and actor Cliff Richard provides our musical egress this week with Here Comes Summer.

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