A Fingerless Dart Thrower & Big Foot Hunting in Oregon

It’s hard to imagine a high-ranking dart thrower with no fingers. Add to that the fact that he has only one good eye and it becomes totally unbelievable! Canadian dart master Wayne Chapman joins us this week and talks about his incredible skills.
We go road trippin’ with Chad Lewis to Oregon this week on Ripley Radio, the official program of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, and we learn of a unique trap created to capture bigfoot, and then we stop off at Bigfoot Tavern for a sandwich and a beer.


  • Toad Detour, a program near Philadelphia in which the city and the neighbors cooperate to close down the highway for certain hours during the year, to allow toads to cross from a forest to a reservoir for mating purposes, and then six weeks later when all the little toads come hoping back across the road to get to the forest. The lady in charge explains the hows and whys of this intriguing story
  • Angela reports that a new style Breathalyzer is being developed that can predict and identify various illnesses
  • Ralf describes a drug bust in Florida that featured the discovery of drugs hidden in an unusual part of the body, and it’s not where you think!

Karolina Dahlman provides a different twist on a love song in Stupid, this week’s musical egress.

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