A Naked Bookseller & the World’s Largest Boulder

The largest boulder in the world is seven stories tall and lies within the Mojave Desert. Over the years, people from all over, including a few from Venus have visited what is now called Giant Rock. Barbara Harris is a local historian who knows more about that hunk of granite than anyone. She talks with Tim this week on Ripley Radio, the official radio program of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! and explains why aliens love this place.

Over in Arizona, there’s a bookstore owner who works in the nude, except for a well-placed sock. Chad Lewis takes us road trippin’ to the store and then to a 27-foot statue that celebrates hoboes.


  • Author Jacopa della Quercia visits and explains the weird, strange and steam punk plot of his new historical novel, The Great Abraham Lincoln Pocket Watch Conspiracy
  • Ralf tells us about a 90 year old man in England who was fined $8.000 for an overdue library book, which he checked out 61 years ago; Chicago artist Jim Bachor has created a new medium for his art – potholes in the road! Dressed in an orange vest in an attempt to keep from getting run over, he fills them with his own mosaic artwork. He tells Ralf how and why he does it
  • Angela explains why actor George Clooney cleaned the kitty litter box of one of his friends, just for fun
  • We hear of Ripley’s newest acquisitions – the recreation of famous paintings in toothpaste.

Rocker John Fogerty provides us with our musical egress this week, with Summer of Love.

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