Incredible Performing Animals!

Priscilla Valentine and her husband Steve own Valentine’s Performing Pigs and they travel the fair circuit across the U.S. performing with their family of potbellied pigs. Their star, Nellie, knows more than 70 tricks and is billed as the world’s greatest performing pig – ever! The lovable flop-eared canine star of the silver screen – Benji, has been featured in two Believe It or Not! cartoons over the years, and Benji’s human, Joe Camp stops by Ripley Radio this week to talk about his amazing life with the canine star. Fish that are force fed wine so they go out and attract other fish,; cows that grow golden teeth, and Chad Netherland, Ripley Aquariums marketing director, describes a family visit to Ripley’s two amazing world-class aquariums – in Myrtle Beach, S.C. and Gatlinburg, Tenn.



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