Voodoo Priests and Noah’s Ark

A Voodoo Priest explains what one will find inside the New Orleans Voodoo Museum including the ghost of his good friend, Intern Abby reports on a full-size Noah’s Ark being built in London in time for the 2012 Olympics, and Edward unveils his newest acquisitions for the Ripley archives including a full-size Ferrari crocheted from 12 miles of yarn and a 1963 VW Beetle on which 200 working musical instruments are mounted.



  • Sideshow chronicler James Taylor describes his new exhibits at the Red Palace in Washington, D.C.
  •  The founder of travelingmom.com, Kim Orlando, reveals three of her bloggers favorite offbeat travel destinations, including an establishment where one can sleep under the stars on a sand dune and a centuries-old underground city.
  • From a vintage Ripley Radio broadcast, we hear an amazing story about the world’s greatest long distance runner.



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