Failing Grade

An 11-year-old boy from Spain was really, really scared of what his teacher was going to say to his father during a parent-teacher conference.  So scared he decided the best tactic would be just to avoid it altogether. [image_border img=”×300.jpg” caption=”Stock image of a mean teacher.
Not the actual teacher.” pos=”right” border=”true” buffer=”true” /]

Stroke of Genius

To avoid the uncomfortable conference the little boy had a stroke of genius: Fake his kidnapping!

He sent a text to his father that he had been kidnapped.  His father, a police office, called his son’s phone immediately.  The little boy told answered and told his cop father he had been kidnapped while taking out the trash and was now locked in the trunk of a car.

Of course the boy’s father sent out a nationwide alert.  As the dad was searching the grounds of his home for clues, he noticed the keys to another home he owned were missing.  The dad went to the apartment and found the little boy hiding out!

The kid fessed up to his crime: he was afraid of the parent-teacher conference so he faked his own kidnapping.  Good idea kid!  I’m sure that little stunt helped your father forgive you for your failing grades!

*Photo at top is a stock image of a boy in a trunk.  Not the actual boy from this news story.