Christine McConnell is known for her terrifying cakes and her imaginary, clever, and sometimes creepy photos on Instagram. This season she’s gone all out by making her parents’ home the scariest on the block.

She designed the house after the creature in the animated movie Monster House where the house comes to life and terrorizes the neighborhood.

We asked her how she put the terrifying creation together and she was happy to share with us and our fans!

With planning, inexpensive tools, and a lot of dedicated time, Christine turned her home into fanged animal with too many eyes!

“Everyone has loved it so far. Kids wanted to take their picture with the house while I was working on it! Tons of people driving by were stopping to take pictures.”

Cutting the eyes out.

Step 1 is cutting the eyes out.

Planning and painting the eyes onto the foam core.

Step two: Paint the Eyes

Draw the from of the eyes!

Lastly, the finishing touches on the house’s porch-fangs and hanging it up.


The finished house!

Monster House In Daylight

Christine McConnell turns her house into a fanged beast with too many eyes!

We hope her work inspires you to create something too: If you make something amazing this halloween make sure to share with us at Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

See more of Christine’s work: Visit her instagram or website.

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