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[September 17-23, 2017] A man climbs a frigid mountain in his boxers for charity, a hurricane unearths a historic treasure, and London decides to turn the fat in its sewers into bus fuel.

5. Man Climbs Mountian in His Boxers

Nathan French decided to raise £1,000 to fight dementia by climbing to the top of Snowdon mountain, the highest peak in Wales. He completed the entire climb in his superman underwear, but suffered from hypothermia on the descent and had to be checked by an ambulance.

4. Fatberg Turned into Bio-Diesel

When fat and grease mix with wet-wipes and other non-flushable products in the sewer, you get what water management experts call a “fatberg.” These masses of congealed fat and fabric create problematic blockages in water systems. A 130-ton fatberg was located in the sewers of London last week. It weighs more than a blue whale, but workers have been using high-pressure hoses to break it up. Once removed, it will be turned into enough bio-diesel to power 350 double-decker buses for a day.


Via Thames Water

3. The Dadbag

The Dadbag is a fanny pack that doesn’t give you an extra spot to stow your wallet, but also gives you the distinguished belly of a dad. The designer is looking for partners to manufacture their bag, but promise soon you’ll be able to achieve the dadbod look without the health risks.

2. Hurricane Irma Washes Up Dugout Canoe

During the cleanup after hurricane Irma in Florida, one man discovered a dugout canoe. The cypress boat seems to have been preserved by the brackish waters of the Indian River Lagoon. Local historical societies have already preserved the canoe in a water bath, and look forward to carbon-dating it and displaying it to the public.

1. The World Is Ending

In case you havent heard, the rapture starts this weekend. According to a biblical researcher and astrologist David Meade, the rapture will begin this Saturday as a “secret planet” passes by Earth. He predicted this event would happen 33 days after the last solar eclipse. NASA looked into the secret planet and says there is no cause for alarm. If you are worried and have pets, be sure to read our latest article on what happens to your pets after you ascend to heaven.

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