This question is for the ladies

It’s Friday night.  You come home from a long week at the office, and you get the itch to put on your dancing shoes.  You get all dolled up, but has anyone noticed?

Thanks to fashion designer Ying Gao, your dress will tell you if all eyes are on you or not.

Gao has designed “gaze-activated” dresses. The dresses have photoluminescent thread that lights up and is imbedded with eye tracking technology.


The eye tracking technology will sense if someone’s gaze is locked on the dress.  When it senses someone is looking, the material of the dress starts to move!

Watch the video posted at the top of the blog to see the dress in action


Not in retail stores yet

The effect of the movement has a really cool underwater effect, like the dress is made from live coral.

Gao has made two of these dresses as part of a series called (no)where (now)here.  You can’t buy them in stores, but they will be shown at Shanghai’s new Museum of contemporary art – Power station of Art (PSA) in November 2013.

After that you can catch the dresses at the Textile Museum of Canada in the Spring of 2014.