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[February 17-23rd, 2019] A reptilian drug enforcer, a junior ranger is more senior than the Grand Canyon, a new way to sell Girl Scout cookies, and the rest of the week’s weird news from Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Mamoa Samoas

Looking to up her cookie game, fifth-grade Girl Scout Charlotte Holmberg of Colorado is looking to outdo her 2,000-boxes-sold record from last year with the help of Jason Mamoa. Inspired by the Samoas—coveted caramel and coconut cookies—Charlotte decided to print out pictures of a shirtless Jason Momoa on the box. According to Charlotte, moms can’t get enough of the Aquaman actor.

El Chompo Imprisoned

A police raid in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, led to the capture of notorious drug enforcer El Chompo. Police were shocked to find the American alligator amongst a stash of fentanyl, crack cocaine, and heroin. The state’s attorney general dubbed the guard gator “El Chompo” after convicted cartel leader “El Chapo” Guzman. Police don’t blame the alligator, but have put an end to his drug trafficking days—along with his previous owners’. El Chompo is now in the custody of the Brandywine Zoo.

el chompo

Junior Ranger Older Than Park

Proving you’re never too old to protect National Parks, 103-year-old Rose Trophy decided to become a junior ranger on her recent visit to the Grand Canyon. With the park celebrating its 100th anniversary this week, Trophy is actually older than Grand Canyon National Park itself! She hopes to inspire children of all ages to protect and appreciate the natural world around them.

junior park ranger

Credit Cheri Stoneburner

Too Big For Lacrosse

Alex Chu, a freshman at Wheaton College in Illinois thought he’d get to live his dream playing lacrosse on his school’s team, but his large head may bar him from the sport. With a head measuring 25 inches around, he had played in high school by forging two helmets together, but this homemade protective gear doesn’t meet college safety certifications. With no manufacturer currently making a helmet that fits his head—and custom helmets costing thousands—he hopes to find a solution before his freshman season passes him by.


French Lightsaber Duels

France has officially recognized lightsaber duels as a sport. In an effort to help get kids to be more active, the Fencing Federation is training people to participate in three-minute lightsaber bouts. The rules have been slightly modified to require fencers to use long, flourishing swings instead of the less visually appealing stabs more common in other fencing sports.

lightsaber duels