With a brush in one hand and a pair of grooming shears in the other, there’s nothing stopping creative dog groomer Anaïs Hayden from taking her four-legged clients from ordinary to pawsitively extraordinary.

Anaïs has a passion for transforming your average pooch into a Lisa Frank-inspired work of rainbow art or even an entirely different species! Taking anywhere from three to six hours, some of her impressive makeovers include trimming and dyeing a dog’s fur to make them look like other animals—from zebras to tigers to even betta fish.

Families in Georgia love coming to Anaïs to give their pups a little extra confidence boost (because who doesn’t leave the salon feeling fabulous with a brand new ’do?) One family brought their dog, Leonard, to see Anaïs for a fetching new look. He came to the groomer an average dog and left a towering giraffe!

Creative Dog Grooming Giraffe Dog

Anaïs got into the creative dog grooming business so that she could combine her love of art and working with animals. She makes sure that all products she uses are safe, non-toxic, plant-based, and approved by the National Dog Groomers Association. Anaïs has even partnered with her local humane society to give her grooming services to pooches in need of a little extra flair to help them get adopted.

What colorful creation will Anaïs conquer next? Check out her Instagram page for more of her colorful creations! You can also fetch her full story inside the pages of Ripley’s Mind Blown! And be sure to keep up with us on social media for exclusive interviews with Anaïs, herself!