The Glass Loaf

Loren Stump is a self taught glass artist who has managed to create unique glass “loaves” that—when sliced—reveal stunning portraits.

Murrine Glass Working

This technique, called murrine, was created 4,000 years ago in the Middle East, but Stump has managed to perfect the craft himself.

The technique involves wrapping different colored glass around a molten core, and then stretching it into a rod.

How’s it made?

Using thousands of colored glass canes, he “paints” layer by layer, expertly fusing the glass together.

Loren can’t check his work as he is creating murrine; the portrait can only be viewed once it’s completed and sliced. Most murine consist of just patterns and shapes, few artists are able to make full portraits.

loren stump Artist Loren Stump

The Madonna

His rendition of Da Vinci’s Madonna of the Rocks is his most elaborate murrini. It’s fully shaded and detailed, with his signature on the Madonna’s brooch.

 “It could be stretched to the size of a hair and still be seen. But for the purpose of collectibility, I leave them fairly large.” -Loren Stump

madonna faces

Faces of the Madonna

holding the MadonnaThe Glass Master

Originally a stained glass painter, Stump only began working with molten glass in 1993. He is entirely self-taught and has earned renown as both a sculptor and teacher.

He’s mastered murrine, sculpture, paperweight encasement, and lampwork. He has displays in the Corning Museum of Glass, the Ertz Israel Museum, and the Kyokei Museum of Glass.

“He attained such a high level of skill so quickly, it seemed he must have studied glass in a past life.” –Robert Micklesen

You can check out more of Stump’s work on his website.

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