Any fun plans for the weekend?

How about some surfing? Going 50mph, on a wooden plank, Down a volcano?

Adrenaline junkies, say hello to your new extreme addiction: Volcano Surfing! Pack your jump suit, helmet, and knee-pads and fly to Nicaragua’s 2,382ft Cerro Negro mountain, Central America’s youngest and one of the world’s most active volcanoes. First exploding in April 1850 she’s blown her stack twenty times since, last erupting in 1999.

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The extreme sport has become popular among tourists after it was discovered by Australian Darryn Webb back in 2005. According to Sabotage Times, Webb was managing the BigFoot hostel in Leon, a town in Nicaragua’s mountainous Northwest region. The keen snowboarder saw potential to translate his skills, and experimented with mattresses and boogie boards on the 2,388-foot high Cerro Negro volcano.

He settled on a plywood board reinforced with metal and Formica to sit on while hurtling down the side of the volcano at a 41 degree angle, according to the site. Since then, the sport has boomed into a popular tourist activity for the region.

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Local Eco-tourism companies report that there’s usually a bleeder or two earning scrapes and scratches from the lava gravel on the way down.

Worse case scenario? In a few hundred years, the modern civilization will dig you up and wonder what the heck you were doing.

Lucky for you, the molten lava usually only goes down one side. Just don’t be caught on the wrong side.

For the extreme thrill seeker visiting Nicaragua, you too can board down this volcano for less than $30 bucks! The tour includes all equipment, transport, and 2 free mojitos, beer and snacks on return to the bar.