George is a young goldfish. When his owners noticed he had a growing tumor, they sought help.

Dr Tristan Rich Operating on Goldfish

Dr. Tristan Rich Operating on Goldfish

One Creative Surgery

Dr. Tristan Rich works with wildlife and exotic pets. He’s seen his dose of odd cases but this was a new one!

Operating on George required thinking a bit outside the box.

He used three buckets of water. The first bucket had enough anesthetic to knock the fish out, a second to keep the fish asleep during the surgery, and third with plain water as a fish-tailored recovery room.

“Working with unusual pets and wildlife means that Dr. Tristan has developed a lateral approach to creating effective theatre set ups and we are always amazed at the way he finds a way to help these little critters”

During the surgery, oxygenated water was pumped from the second bucket over the fish’s gills while the doctor made sure to closely monitor for blood loss.

Afterwards, George the goldfish was sutured up. He was given postoperative injections, a pain reliever, and antibiotics. The fish quickly resumed swimming and return to his native pond!

They say George could live up to another 20 years thanks to Dr. Tristan Rich!

“The surgery went swimmingly and George has now returned home with his loving owner.”

George During his Operation Photo: Lort Smith.

George During his Operation Photo: Lort Smith.





George the goldfish was featured on the news.

Thanks to Lort Smith for the story and check out the Lort Smith Facebook Page for more.

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