Life never lacks pleasure if you’re a pampered pooch like Gunther VI, the world’s wealthiest dog. According to HuffPost, the German shepherd comes from a long line of Gunthers, and he owes his high-end lifestyle and current abode to these canine ancestors, too. His grandfather, Gunther IV, bought a Tuscan-style villa from the “Material Girl” herself, Madonna, 20 years ago for $7.5 million, per the BBC. And now it’s on the market for a whopping $32 million, which stands to make the mutt a veritable real estate tycoon should he get his asking price, as reported by Forbes.

What’s life like as a millionaire pooch? Here’s what you need to know about this gold-digging dog and the starstruck crib he’s selling.

Life as a Pampered Pooch

Most people think of extra dog biscuits and bully sticks when it comes to spoiling their best friend. But for Gunther VI, it’s all caviar, opulent red velvet beds, and jet-setting vacations by private plane. In other words, nothing but the best for this four-legged friend. Oh, and we can’t forget about the incredible views his nine-bedroom coastal mansion affords of sunny Miami, Florida’s Biscayne Bay.

Situated at 3029 Brickell Avenue, the floor plan measures a massive 8,400 square feet as reported by Architectural Digest. The dog is said to sleep in Madonna’s former bedroom and lives in Sylvester Stallone’s old neighborhood, making this residence a true nod to Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Too bad Robin Leach isn’t around for one last canine edition.

Luxurious Canine Living

To pay homage to the grandfather that made his luxurious lifestyle possible, the home contains Gunther IV’s gilt-framed portrait above the fireplace in the living room. To do it right, however, Gunther VI should also have a picture of his great-grandfather, Gunther III (you guessed it!), on the wall. After all, Gunther III got the wealth show on the road as a faithful companion to the German countess Karlotta Leibenstein, according to People.

Upon her death in 1991, the heiress left a multi-million-dollar trust to her pet and a staff of canine handlers (via Money). Whether or not a dog can own a property has become a matter of debate in recent days, but Gunther VI’s real estate agent, Ruthie Assouline, has embraced the idea even as she works to find a new homeowner.

A Day in the Life of Gunther VI

Since the passing of Leibenstein, a succession of doggie descendants has fulfilled the role of heir apparent. To say that each one has led a charmed life remains an understatement. From a private chef by day to nightly dinners at posh restaurants, the finest meats and the freshest veggies and fruits are a part of the dog’s daily routine (via NPR). There’s no such thing as kibble in Gunther VI’s world, but you will find a hefty dose of caviar.

The daily routine includes behavior training and constant lavishing with attention followed by lengthy naps on his bay-facing burgundy bed. A private jet takes him to the Bahamas, Milan, and just about any other destination frequented by those with more money than they know what to do with. And Gunther VI shows no signs of slowing down. The Associated Press reports that the trust he inherited now boasts a value of $500 million thanks to savvy real estate moves from his handlers and financial board.

Besides fancy properties, the board has also purchased professional sports teams, including a women’s swimming team and a men’s soccer team. These investments prove especially engaging for Gunther VI as he gets to attend meets and play in the field. But the pooch with the faux-diamond collar also believes in giving back, which marks the vision behind Günther Rescue, an organization funded by the trust and designed to help animals in need.

A Far-Fetched Tail?

If this all sounds hard to believe, you wouldn’t be the only one to think so. An anonymous source tells the NY Post that “Gunther” was just hired for pictures and filming, the countess who purportedly left her wealth to him never existed and that basically, “The whole story is one big lie.” Perhaps the only way to find out for sure would be to buy the house — anyone have $32 million to spare?

By Engrid Barnett, contributor for


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