A veteran strongman, Chris “Hairculese” Rider of Thomasville, Pennsylvania, has a vast repertoire of stunts that display his great strength. Among them is the ability to pull something as heavy as a car with his hair! To pull off this amazing stunt, Hairculese separates his long locks into two braids and then weaves those below his chin and around a tow cable that’s attached to the car.

He faces down the car, then walks backward, pulling the cable taught and hauling the vehicle—sometimes up to 0.25 miles! Hairculese is able to perform other strongman feats like bending steel bars, ripping phone books in half, and folding coins with his bare hands. We even documented his artistic scrollwork in the past.

hairculese hair

From the top of his head to the ends of his hair, Hairculese’s mane is 42 inches long!

hairculese book spread

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