They say that life can be a delicate balancing act, but for the New Orleans circus artist known as LadyBEAST, this playful expression is truly her livelihood. This poised performer stuns audiences with her bottle-walking feats!

LadyBEAST Bottle Walking

Balanced atop thin necked champagne bottles, LadyBEAST walks and dances across their narrow uncorked openings. Leaving her audiences breathless with her seemingly effortless tiptoe, the feats of illusion and magic don’t stop there.

She also specializes in Houdini-style performances, where her escape artistry puts crowds on the edges of their seats. In fact, back in 2018, she became the first woman to escape a straitjacket all while hanging from her ankles dangling from a hot air balloon! The balloon hoisted her nearly 100 feet in the air—10 stories high—and after escaping, she hung by her elbow and descended safely to the ground with no safety harness.

There’s no telling what unbelievable feat she will conquer next, but we certainly are eager to find out! Read more about LadyBEAST in Ripley’s newest book, Mind Blown!, and keep up with us on social media for exclusive interviews and performances by LadyBEAST, herself!


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