On Independence Day alone, Americans will consume over 155 million hot dogs.

The hot dog is considered a nearly omnipotent food by the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council. Over $2.5 billion in hot dogs are sold in supermarkets, but the number of dogs sold without barcodes in ballparks, street stands, and in restaurants makes hot dog consumption almost incalculable.

Hot Dogs By the Numbers

  • Los Angeles eats the most hot dogs of any city in the world—over 39 million!
  • Baseball fans scarf down over 21 million hot dogs in the course of a year!
  • More than 7 billion hot dogs are devoured during “hot dog season” (between Memorial and Labor days) – that’s over 800 hot dogs a second!

When a Foot-long Isn’t Enough

The “Big Hot Dog” is 16 inches long and 4” in diameter and weighs in at 17lbs! This dog is a mixture of 100% veal, beef, and pork.

But it sports a hefty price tag, this dog will set you back $170, but the makers claim it can feed 40+ people.

The Hundred-dollar Hot Dog

Americans aren’t the only country in love with the dog. The “Dragon Dog”, from Dougie Dog in Vancouver, is a $100 food truck fare made by infusing Kobe beef with 100-year-old cognac. The dog is then topped with lobster, truffle oil, and a Picante sauce.

If Dragon Dog is a little out of your price range? Try the Dave Grohl Special, a whiskey infused frank with hot peppers, for just $6.95.

Kobe Congac Hot DogImage via DougieDog Hot Dogs

Burnt or Black?

Some people like their franks blackened, but what about the completely black hot dog and bun? If you’re looking for something more exotic, try the Black Terra from Vegas Premium Hot Dogs in Tokyo. The dogs and buns are darkened with edible bamboo charcoal powder, which doesn’t alter the taste and may actually be good for your health.

Black Hot Dog

A Sweet, Vegetarian Hotdog

If your diet is making you feel left out from the holiday celebrations, and you don’t want to take your chances with mystery not-meat, try the sweet banana dog! Popular recipes pair it with peanut butter and jelly, but others treat it as a more traditional dog, topping it with ketchup and mustard.

PBJ Banana Dog by Kitchen Life of a Navy Wife

PBJ Banana Dog by Kitchen Life of a Navy Wife

But What About Burgers?

Despite the popularity of hot dogs, burgers are the dominant July 4th meal, according to Walmart sales reports. States that prefer the dog include South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Michigan, West Virginia, Maine, Vermont, North Carolina, Alabama, Alaska, and Hawaii.

The clear condiment winner is ketchup, outselling mustard in every single state. Texas buys more hamburger and hot dog buns than every other state combined. Potato salad is the best selling side, with cole slaw coming in second.