Art is an outlet of the mind to aid in sharing the stream of conscious of your soul and inner self. The work an artist creates is a way for them to speak through objects over words.

Artist Yang Maoyuan is highly regarded in his original ideas and exotic art pieces.


Maoyuan is a Chinese artist and uses the skins of dead animals as a medium to work with.

Inflated Yellow Goat

By inflating the skins to monstrous sizes, and often dyeing them in vibrant colors, Maoyuan creates work that stands out amongst the rest.

Inflated Yellow Horse Closeup

Maoyuan’s process involves stitching and processing the skins. After, he will blow the skins up to round, bloated and larger-than-life shapes.

Deflated Horse Skin

Choosing animals from his Mongolian ancestry, Maoyuan will travel to Heibei in Northern China to purchase the animal skins.

Skins to Spare Yang Maoyuan

Horses, goats and sheep are often chosen as canvases. Maoyuan is working to reflect his oldest dream symbols. By inflating the skins to take a rounder form, he is representing harmony in China.

This Horse is said to represent harmony-"harmoneigh?"

Additionally, Maoyuan has created works with multiple heads and extra limbs.

Extra Heads are Better Than One

Exploring the shapes and misshapes of the body, Maoyuan’s work has become a hit worldwide.

Yellow Horse Inflated

Next time you see the name Yang Maoyuan, check out an exhibit to see these unbelievable art pieces!

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