Justin Bieber Portraits

If the release of Purpose just isn’t enough Biebs, we have you covered with the 5 strange Justin Bieber Portraits from the Ripley’s collection:

5. Beliebe It or Not

What do you do when you have 50-lbs of push-pins lying around?

Eric Daigh makes portraits.

push-pin bieber

4. Justin Brie-ber

British food artist Faye Halliday has created this portrait of Justin Bieber out of soft cheese spread.


3. Never Say You’ll Never Be Immortalized in Crayons

Color us impressed, this Justin is made from over 9,000 crayons.

2. She Don’t like the Light Brite

62,543 individual Lite Brite pieces make up this visage of Justin Bieber.

Artist Robert Surrette also made the gumball portrait of Taylor Swift that won our Ripcycle art contest.

lite brite biber

See it at our San Antonio Odditorium

1. Beauty and a Bieb

This portrait of Justin Bieber made entirely from candy was created by Christian Ramos.

The hair and jacket are licorice, the skin is gummy bears and the background is hard candies.

candy bieber

We have 3! One’s in our Science North traveling show (currently in St. Louis) another is in Baltimore, and this particular one is on display in St. Augustine.

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