90% Covered in Tattoos

Katzen Hobbes is a real-life Catwoman with 90 percent of her body tattooed with black tiger stripes.




She used to have genuine tiger whiskers, which were sent to her by zoos around the world, implanted into her cheeks by means of specialist piercing rings.

Now, her “whiskers” have been drawn on her face by scarification—scratches on the skin made deep enough to scar permanently.

Katzen’s Story

It took over a decade for the mother-of-two from Austin, Texas (who is also known as Katzen Ink), to acquire all her tiger tattoos, during which time more than 160 tattoo artists have worked on her, including 23 at the same time!

Having so many artists filling in the black lines on her back, legs and stomach caused her such pain that she fainted more than once.

Even so, she loves being half woman, half big cat:

“I can’t imagine not being a tiger. I am a living, breathing work of art.”





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