We’re all aware of Santa Claus, the man who gives presents to boys and girls the world over while merrily cheering.

“Ho Ho Ho!” –Santa

But, do you know Santa’s friend Krampus?

Just Who Is Krampus?

Imagine hairy figure dressed in black with a long tongue and horns. He roams the streets the night before Christmas, looking for naughty children.

While St. Nick rewards children for good behavior, Krampus catches misbehaving children, spanks them, and then tucks them away in the basket he carries on his back.

krampus takes children

“See ya later..?”

Where Does Krampus Come From

The legend of Krampus originates from the pre-Christian folklore of Alpine states (Slovenia and Austria especially).

Though Krampus celebrations waned for a time in the mid-1900s, new generations have taken to the frightening Krampus.


Many people hand-carve their own Krampus masks/CC Anita Martinz


Celebrated before Christmas, Krampusnacht (Krampus Night) consists of people dressing up in Krampus costumes and putting on performances, including parades, dances, and drinking.

Some other Lesser Known Companions of Santa Claus

  • Farmhand Rupert: a bearded old man dressed in a brown robe who gives gingerbread to children who know their prayers, and punishes children who don’t.
  • Belsnickel: A long-tongued creature who fills stockings with candy if children have been good, and coal if they have not.
  • The Christmas Woman: She tosses candy across the floor, and while youngsters scramble to pick it up, she swats their backs.

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