This Week

[January 14-20th, 2017] An absolutely huge pie, thermometer-breaking temperatures, and a Klingon embassy opens in Sweden.

Too Cold for Mercury

The public thermometer in Siberia’s Oymyakon village has malfunctioned in the face of historic cold temperatures. As temperatures dropped to -62 ˚C (-79˚ F), townspeople noticed the display was stuck. Meanwhile, temperatures dropped another five degrees in the coming days.

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Klingon Embassy

A tourist center for the fictional Klingon race is planned to open in Stockholm. Made famous by their antagonistic role in the Star Trek franchise, the “aliens” will be welcoming tourists. Four Klingon ambassadors—Ban’Shee, Mara, Morath, and Klag—will teach culture and give authentic martial arts reenactments before dining with guests on Gagh and blood wine.

Cantina Pencil

The “Cantina Theme” from Star Wars: A New Hope has become world-famous since 1977, remixed into thousands of different variations. Dani Ochoa, a 19-year-old college student has, quite possibly, made the most unique version yet. She came up with a math equation, which—when written—plays the song.

Car Crashes into 2nd Story

A car jumped the median las weekend but went much higher than police normally see. It flew into the second story of a dental office. The driver walked away fine, but it took heavy construction equipment to remove the vehicle.

Largest Key Lime Pie

The Key Lime Pie Company based in Cocoa Beach, Florida, made a key lime pie that weighed over 1,000 pounds! The pie was so large, that a metal-working shop had to construct a custom pie-pan to support the 12 ¼-foot dessert.