This Week

[December 9-15th, 2018] A diamond ring found in the sewers, festive pothole, and spirit of Christmas past.

Have A Heart

A Southwest flight bound for Austin, Texas, from Seattle, Washington, had to turn around mid-flight after some very important cargo was left on the plane. The captain announced that a human heart meant for transplant in Seattle had been left aboard. With only a few hours of viability left, it had to be returned immediately. Passengers were horrified by the negligence but admitted that not turning back would have been heartless.

Diamond In The Rough

Paula Stanton was heartbroken when she accidentally flushed her diamond ring down the toilet nine years ago. She’d done so by accident while cleaning. Though she never thought she’d see it again, the ring actually didn’t travel very far. That’s what caused a city worker to find it while doing sewer maintenance outside her home. She had mentioned it to Ted Gogol—the city worker—a few years prior, a story he remembered when he spotted something shining in the filth.

diamond ring

Festive Freeway

Reaching their wit’s end waiting for transportation officials to fill a pothole on their local street, residents of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, decided to fill the void with some holiday spirit. Believe it or not, the pothole was big enough to fit a Christmas tree inside, so that’s just what an anonymous resident did. After spotting the fully-decorated tree, workers quickly covered the hole and announced plans to fix it soon.

Left To Chance

In a stunning demonstration that every single vote counts, Moxie, Arkansas, city council candidate Cliff Farmer needed just one more vote to secure victory. Sadly, the council-man-to-be himself skipped voting for himself in the election. In the end, the race was tied, and according to city law was then decided by a roll of dice, which Farmer lost to his opponent Becky Linebaugh.

dice roll

120-Year-Old Letter To Santa

Workers at a Canterbury thrift store were surprised to find a story of Christmas past hidden inside a donated book. The letter was dated December of 1898 and was addressed to Santa Claus. The note’s author—then five-year-old Marjorie—asks for toy ducks and chickens, a canvas stocking, piece of ribbon, and a ball for her cat, Kittykins.