Lion And Weenie Dog Friendship

Meeting each other at just six weeks old, this lion and weenie dog have become best friends.

Abby, the dachshund, and Bonedigger, the male Barbary lion, are an extremely unlikely pair of friends. What could be no more than a hotdog-sized snack for the cat, has become his lifelong companion.

The two will chase and play, nipping at each other’s faces.

“They’re always just loving on each other.” -John Reinke, park manager

Both live at the G.W. Exotic Animal Park, where animals from all over have been placed with nowhere else to go.

According to Bonedigger’s caretaker, he doesn’t like anyone else in the cage, besides the dachshunds. When he has to remove the dogs to perform maintenance, Bonedigger will pace and whine until her friends are let back inside.

John Reinke, the park manager, chalks the relationship up to dachshunds’ lack of self-awareness. In the same way, the dogs attack his weed wacker during maintenance, he thinks the dogs wouldn’t even consider Bonedigger a threat.

They lick and lay on each other and Abby will even chase Bonedigger around his enclosure.