Long Tongue Lewis in Download the Weird

Yes, that’s her real tongue!

You can see Adrianne Lewis in our 2012 book Download the Weird! When Ripley’s met her last, her tongue measured in at a giant 3.5 inches long.

And that was three years ago!

Now Adrianne is getting getting more and more attention thanks to  her outrageous tongue and an her supportive fan base.

Ripley’s is excited to hear she’s starting a YouTube channel featuring herself and friends. We got back in touch with her and asked a few questions!

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When did you realize your tongue was unusually long?
Adrianne Lewis: I’ve always known my tongue was really long. Ever since I could remember. My peers would comment that I could do unusual things with my tongue that they couldn’t do.
“I am so excited to be featured in Ripley’s once again!”
Do you do tricks with your tongue?
AL: I do multiple tongue tricks. I can touch my nose, eye, and the dreaded, but not impossible, elbow. I can flick it really fast. I can roll it and twist it, which is not uncommon, but many people can’t do it. The next one I’m working on is the clover. I’m so close… Yet so far.

You have a YouTube channel now! Are you having fun making videos? Is there something in specific you want fans to get from it?

AL: I DO have a YouTube channel! It’s a lot of hard work, but it is fun! I want people to have a good time watching my videos.

Be entertained.

I’m not doing to for me. I’m doing it for the people who got me where I am today.

You announced a few days ago you’ll be collaborating on your channel. That’s Awesome! Who are you working with? Is there anyone who you’d like to work with in the future?
AL: I am collaborating with my creative boyfriend, Tim Hegedus, and my friend Chris Switzer.

Tim is the guy who comes up with a cool starter idea for a video, while Chris is the technical guru who puts it together. We’re a great team, and we can’t wait to show the world our videos! Eventually, I would like to work with Glozell Green.

I’m far from ever meeting, let alone, working with Glozell. Her videos never cease to make me laugh.

I love the way you all signed off on your YouTube video “like, comment subscribe, and keep it clean!” But that reminds me that the attention you get isn’t always positive; How do you make the best of it?
AL: I’m always going to get unwanted comments, but there’s no way to avoid them. I just decided to ignore them. I like to focus on the positive side of things.

I just want to make people smile!

These things allowed me to get to places I never thought I’d go. Like, Ripley’s, for example!

Where can people keep up with you? Twitter, YouTube, Instagram.

AL: People can find me on Twitter: @LongTongueLewis and YouTube: Adrianne Lewis.

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