Shocker!  Neighbors weren’t happy.

Rooftop mountain

Rooftop mountain

Eccentric millionaire doctor, Zhang Biqing, from Bejing, decided to build an elaborate private mountain on the top of his 26-story building.

The rooftop villa is GORGEOUS and it has taken over 6 YEARS to build

The mountain garden has trees, rocks, grass, and could rival any private getaway. It is a nice little piece of the country atop an urban cityscape. Unfortunately, Biqing failed to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

Gotta get Those Permits

Biqing failed to get the the proper paperwork and permits before he built his massive structure. Not only that, the six years of constant construction DID NOT please his downstairs neighbors.

After numerous complaints, the local authorities finally issued Mr. Biqing a warning.

He has 15 days to remove the mountain or else it will face forcible removal

What would you do if you were his neighbor? Suck it up in hopes of getting an invite to the private rooftop abode? Or say to heck with him and lodge a complaint? Leave a comment letting us know what you think.