Human Snail

Liu Lingchao

Liu’s mobile home

About 20 years ago, Liu Lingchao left his small hometown of Guangxi for big city dreams in Guangzhou and Shenzhenof.

About 5 years ago Liu decided to go back home.  Instead of taking modern transportation, he opted to trek the entire 450 miles on foot.  Oh, and did I mention he has carried his home on his back the entire time!

Moving at a snail’s pace

To put that in perspective, walking from Shenzhen to Guangxi is 450 miles, equivalent to walking from New York to North Carolina.  Sure a long distance, but I’ve heard of people walking 3,000 miles coast-to-coast across the USA in a year, so why has it taken Liu 5 years to go about 1/6th the distance?  Perhaps it’s the 132 lbs, 5-ft x 7-ft home strapped to his back?

No handouts here

Liu is 100% self-sufficient.  He literally carries his home on his back, and he recycles discarded bottles he finds on the road for cash.

Liu Lingchao

Everything he needs he has packed in his carry hut.   He travels with his bedding, food, and other necessities.

So far he has worn out three of these travel homes.  However, Liu is only 20 miles away from ending his journey and returning home to Guangxi.

Source: ChinaSmack