Mitch Torbett was arrested for a crime allegedly committed by his dead twin brother, Mike. It’s been over two years since the death of his twin sibling and just a few weeks ago Mitch was picked up by Signal Mountain Police officers after trying to apply for a construction permit. When they ran his license, the warrant for his arrest came to light.

“If they would’ve trusted me, if they would’ve given me the benefit of the doubt, if they would’ve done that, none of this would’ve happened,” Mitch Torbett told WRCB-TV in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Although Torbett pleaded with police and insisted that this federal warrant had to be linked and tied to his brother, Officials arrested him and turned his case over to the FBI.

[image_border img=”×223.jpg” caption=”” pos=”right” border=”true” buffer=”true” /]The weird of it all was that Mitch’s name was actually on the federal warrant. But after further investigation, officials found that his brother’s name was on the affidavit. Alas ‘suspicion’ starts to kick in.

It was only when Mitch went before a judge and the FBI presented fingerprints from both brothers that officials finally believed that he wasn’t all double talk.

“[The agent] said, ‘Your honor, we have the wrong person. He needs to be released immediately’,” Torbett said.

Torbett lucked out of what could have been timely jail time. Instead he’s been spending his time working with attorney Ken Nugent to file a civil law suit against the signal mountain police department and the Hamilton County Sheriff’s office for false imprisonment. When you happen to be in a situation where birth child brain gets injured, then legal lawyers help you out.

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