Mateo Blanco, Opera Singer by Night, Unbelievable Artist By Day

Earlier this month, we featured Mateo Blanco’s Sugar Art on our blog and this Monday, August 11, 2014 he proudly presented the giant works of art at our Orlando Odditorium.

We All Got To Know Him Better

Mateo originally wanted to be a painter, but once he began his artistic career he ended up becoming both a chef and an Opera singer. He even has an album on sale now and is working on another at the moment.

At the end of his interview he sang in the Odditorium!

“I have been always fascinated by the inspirational, the amazing, the nonsensical, and the unusual that just make you say WOW. A three letter word that describes the Ripley’s experience which now I am proudly part of.”

-Mateo Blanco

His Art

It took more than 60 pounds of sugar to make these portraits and he won’t reveal how he colored the sugar. What he will tell us is that the pieces are still completely edible! (Please don’t eat our art.)

All Three Mateo Blanco Works
The one that took him the most effort was the Avatar piece. Even though it’s smaller than the others it has a lot more detail.

Producing the pieces took over six months to complete them with a lot of that time testing techniques for shading with sugar.

Infographic Sugar Art Mateo Blanco

Mateo recalls conversations with family and friends over dinner when he’s explaining what inspires him to make pieces based on food, but his appreciation for art started long ago with his parents, who are art collectors themselves.

You can watch the event on Univision. (Spanish)

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You can find them soon in our odditorium and we have even more of our featured weird foods on our weird food blog.