Folks in Sandusky, Ohio are taking advantage of a new city-wide plan aimed at improving neighborhoods and putting money back in the city. They’re calling it, “Mow it to own it.” All that’s needed to take advantage are two things: a vacant lot on the left or right of your home, and the will to maintain it. If that’s the case, the city of Sandusky says it’s all yours!

On average, each lot costs the city a total of $250 each time they mow a lot of land. With the Mow to Own program, the adjoining property owner takes over the mowing duties and ends up owning the lot by getting credit for work they do. “I was thinking about getting a big enough pool, maybe put up a fence around, to go swimming. I have no sunlight in my backyard but I do now in this big yard here,” said Danielle Hoover.