This Week

[April 8-14th, 2018] A car starts its travel through time, a baby is born four years after their parents’ death, and a mysterious mummified monkey is found in the air ducts of a Minnesota mall.

Time Traveling Car

One lucky person in the state of Chihuahua in Mexico was likely ecstatic to hear they had won a brand new car in a raffle. Unfortunately, he won’t get to use the car for 50 years. The organizers of the annual “El IV Reencuentro Ojonaguense” festival decided to make the car into a time capsule before releasing it to the winner. The car was lowered into a concrete vault under the town square, just waiting to be driven in 2068.

Mary River Turtle Endangered

We’ve featured the Mary River turtle in a number of our books, entranced by the green locks of algae captured by photographer Chris Van Wyk. Unfortunately, the punk turtle has just been added to the Zoological Society of London’s endangered species list. The turtle, only found in Queensland, Australia, has unique finger-like growths under its chin and has the ability to breathe through its genitals.

mary river turtle

Born 4 Years After Parent’s Death

A couple who died in 2013 left no children behind at the time, but their bereaved parents just welcomed their children’s baby to the world four years after their untimely demise. According to a report by the BBC, the couple had left behind embryos frozen in liquid nitrogen at the Nanjing hospital. After a completely unprecedented legal battle, Tiantian was born with no living parents.

embryos liquid nitrogen

The Spider Burger

A burger restaurant in North Carolina has decided to top its burgers with tarantulas. Alongside toppings like cheese, lettuce, and tomato, lurks an eight-legged arachnid. After personally trying dried spider for ourselves in Ripley’s Guide to Non-Perishables, we have to recommend the crisp crunch of a pickle—only if legitimate—or an onion. Believe it or not, diners actually have to win a raffle for the pleasure of eating the spider-topped burger.

Dayton Mystery Monkey

As workers worked on the redevelopment of a Dayton, Minnesota, mall—a complex that reaches 12 stories tall—they were startled to find the desiccated body of a monkey. Found in an air duct, many theories try to explain what a monkey was doing in the mall. Apparently, a pet shop sold monkeys in the 1960s, and rumors speak of one escaping into the air ducts. Many people have noted the obvious wound on its side, possibly from a vent fan.