Nicolas Cage

He’s had teeth pulled, eaten a live cockroach, and purchased a haunted house—all just to get into character. His talent and eccentricity make him one of Hollywood’s most unique actors, and has granted him a cult following, including Redditors who call him the One True God. The award for most Ripley’s actor goes to…Nicolas Cage—today, on Cool Stuff Strange Things!

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The Eternal Cage

New Orleans’ oldest cemetery, the famous St. Louis Number One, holds the remains of the city’s first mayor and beloved Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau. The cemetery is iconic for its ancient mausoleums built to withstand the city’s high water table. Despite its age and attraction of tourists, one living man has a plot there as well. Who else but Nic Cage?

At nine-foot-tall and peculiarly modern amidst crumbling crypts, Cage will carry on his loopy legacy after death. In 2010, he began construction on this monstrous cement pyramid for his future self. There is no name on the grave yet, but it is adorned with “Omni Ab Uno,” Latin for “Everything From One.”

Cage hasn’t spoken publicly about why he has chosen this as his final resting place, but the popular theory is that he purchased the tomb close to the Voodoo Queen in order to protect him from a curse.