Episode 95

Bello Nock is perhaps the most recognizable circus performer ever. In creating his own performance niche as a comic daredevil, he shows as much skill as a daredevil as he does as a clown. His foot tall orange hair helps identify him in either role. Tim caught up with Nock for a quick interview prior to the Circus Sarasota presentation of Bello Mania.

Duff Beer, the drink of choice of the fictional Homer Simpson, was a fictional drink itself until recently. It is now being brewed as a German Pilsner, but only available in the UK. Angela explains why it has taken so long for a brew named Duff to make it to the marketplace.


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Other Weird, Bizarre and Unusually Outrageous Things Discussed this Week:

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  • One of Robert Ripley’s favorite entertainers, Melvin Burkhardt, was the first to carry the name of “Blockhead,” having been given that title by Ripley himself at the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair. In the Jackpotting with James Taylor segment, the sideshow historian describes the wacky and well played life of the original Human Blockhead.
  • A 27 pound, 40 inch long Lobster, the size of a three year old child, is the largest lobster ever caught in the waters of Maine. The huge crustacean, nicknamed Rocky by his captors, was released due to laws governing big lobsters.
  • Jesus is on sale for $250.000! Tough guy to put a price on, but this 22 square foot portrait is made out of 25,000 colored push pins!
  • Intern Abby reports on macabre deaths and injuries, caused by flying body parts of other humans and animals.
  • Tim has discovered an item called a “telemarketer repellent” and demonstrates it on air. The electronic device has 25 choices of cleverly recorded messages that you can use to insult and confuse the telemarketer when he calls during dinner.
  • Love memorabilia from old subways? New York City is updating old stations and is offering the old benches – bacteria and graffiti included – for $650.
  • Edward updates us on the 15 pieces of art he has purchased from the artists of Thailand who create huge sculptures – he’s talking 15 to 20 foot tall – made from parts of old cars imported from China. His latest acquisition is a 15-foot tall Godzilla.
  • AND, the “boss,” Bruce Springsteen, closes out the show with his new single, “We Take Care of our Own.”