This Week

[December 10-16th] Too much snow for a snowball fight, a mummy is diagnosed with cancer, and killer whales are hunting great white sharks.

5. Tattoo Salon?

A hair salon in Taiwan has blazed into unique territory, shaving art into a client’s head. After carefully contouring Donald Trump’s face on the back of an adventurous head, stylists dyed portions blonde to look just like the President.

4. Mummy Diagnosed with Cancer

A CT scan has revealed that this 2,000-year-old mummy had a tumor growing in his leg. Scientists were also able to determine it was malignant, an extremely rare find. The mummy belongs to the Cazenovia Public Library and was originally scanned ten years ago. At the time, they were able to find the lump, but the technology back then didn’t offer them much insight.

3. Snowball Fight Cancelled because of Snow

An amusement park in Georgia planned to have a snowball fight this past weekend, but had to cancel due to weather—closing the park completely. Snow is a relatively rare occurrence in the state, and a snowfall large enough for a good snowball fight is almost unheard of. That’s why park managers were surprised to find real snow had fallen where they had planned to make fake snow for the fight!

snowball fight

2. Airbus Draws a Giant Christmas Tree

Wanting to add a little extra holiday cheer, a flight test team based in Hamburg, Germany, managed to draw a Christmas tree—ornaments and all—above Europe. By tracking the plane’s progress via GPS, you can see the shape of the tree. Ten 360-degree loops had to be made to make the tree complete.

1. Orcas Attacking Great White Sharks

According to researchers in Africa, this behavior has never been seen before. Great White sharks up to 16 feet in length are washing up on beaches—the victims of killer whales. Incredibly endangered, marine biologists believe only a few thousand great whites are still swimming today. A pod of orcas, rare for the coast of South Africa, recently took up residence in the shark’s territory. Orcas are twice as heavy as the sharks and are killing them by dragging them and eating their livers. Though only five Great Whites have washed ashore, they have disappeared from the area. Experts believe many more may have simply sunk to the seafloor.

killer whale