What do we even call it?

When we discovered New Zealand artist Carl Ingram’s art, we loved it, but had no idea what to call it.

Ingram spins a vinyl record covered in paint on a Ouija board on top of a fidget spinner. It’s the most eclectic blend of retro style, occult fascination, and pop-culture fad that you could make. Perhaps we’ll call it the Ouija Spinner?

ouija spinner gif

Ouija Spinner

Ingram was interested in dark surrealism and horror movies leading him to experiment with different ways of painting. The paint he uses is an acrylic base with “secret ingredients.” After painting the vinyl record white to make the paint stick and show up, he attaches it to the Ouija board and spins. The centrifugal force spreads the paint out from the center, and as more colors are added, mysterious and random shapes come into being.

Once the record dries, he goe sin afterward with oil paints to enhance certain patterns that appear in the paint. The shading and depth created allows some spooky “creatures” to take shape.