Pickle Bouncing

In bathroom readers around the world, in every fact generator on the Internet, we’ve stumbled across the “fact” that Connecticut law requires pickles to bounce in order to be considered pickles.

Searching laws, regulations and ordinances, this pickle law is hard to come by. The only inkling to be found is a 1948 article about the arrest of a pair of pickle packers, Sidney Sparer and Moses Dexler, selling canned cukes “unfit for human consumption.”

In that article, the state’s Food and Drug Commissioner goes on to tell reporters that, in addition to laboratory testing, if you drop a pickle from the height of one foot, it should bounce.

The pickles in question did not bounce. Sparer and Dexler were fined $500—the maximum penalty—and the pickles were destroyed. Connecticut’s bouncing-pickle regulation went into effect soon after.

So, its not a law per se. Simply a regulation based off of case law.

Speaking of Bouncing…

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