Tundra Lodge Adventures

When you combine the words “Tundra” and “Adventure,” I immediately count myself out. My idea of a vacation is not renting a room in the most frigid place on Earth.

However, add some polar bears to that adventure, and you might just count me back in.

The Polar Bear Hotel is stationed for optimal bear viewing each season

Polar Bears Tundra Lodge

Located on the subarctic tundra outside Manitoba, Canada, the Polar Bear Hotel is actually a train of connected bedrooms.

Constant proximity to polar bears in the area around the clock.

Polar Bears

So, what will it cost you to vacation in King of the Arctic’s realm? A 7-day excursion will only set you back about $6,995. Please call prior to visiting to check availability. Wouldn’t want this icicle hotel filling up!

Polar Bear Hotel

Up close & personal with the bears