It is estimated that more Americans are watching the FIFA World Cup than ever!

But What If You Played Soccer On Bikes?

Then you’d be playing Radball.

The first official radball tournament was more than 80 years ago in 1930. Radball has a solid rulebook, essentially using soccer’s rules, except players are not allowed to hit the ball with their feet:

  • You must use the bike to pass, travel, and kick into a goal.
  • You have to stay on your bike.
  • While the goalkeeper is allowed to use hands, he must also remains on his bike.

Since the first tournament in 1930 there’s been a world cup every year.

The cup lasts twice as long as the NFL season. And luckily enough, you can still watch this year’s!

The 2015 radball Season began the 16th of May and ended seven months later!


The “rad” in radball isn’t just shorthand for radical; it comes from German’s “rad,” meaning “wheel.” Literally translated, it’s “wheelball”. In other places you’ll find this ridiculous sport also called “Cycle Ball”

Regardless, it deserves the famous name because it is certainly a German-dominated sport: Since 1956, 59 gold medals that have been awarded and only 11 of the 59 gold have not been won by Germany… Two of those 11 were to East Germany.

So if you’re placing bets this year, Germany wins more than 80% of the world cups AND won the last 10 consecutive cups. And in second place is Switzerland with 8 golds, but they haven’t won since 1985!

If you missed last season, the official UCI (International Cycling Union) put together an official highlight reel you can watch above!

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