It’s the stuff that dreams are made of. Bikini-clad companions, gold-flake-covered steaks, a mansion with a private pool, a Netflix series, and millions upon millions of bucks. Are we talking about the next reboot of Entourage? Or the daily life of a music mogul or Hollywood elite? Not so much, although those are great guesses.

Instead, it’s the world of Gunther VI, a German shepherd reported to have his paws on $400 million in wealth. Now the propertied pooch has his own series, which has led to controversy, scrutiny, and a closer investigation into Gunther’s actual net worth.

How Gunther VI Inherited His Millions

Gunther’s four-part series Gunther’s Millions is based on an incredible premise. A little-known German countess, Karlotta Leibenstein, left her $80 million estate to a German shepherd named Gunther III. The dog was her loyal and beloved companion during her later years, and the countess wasn’t about to risk leaving him without caretakers and a veritable fortune.


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Of course, canines aren’t the best when it comes to finances. So, the Countess turned to Maurizio Mian, heir to an Italian pharmaceutical company, to manage Gunther’s wealth from one generation to the next. Fast forward thirty years to Gunther III’s grandson, Gunther VI, and the pet decadence continues. Nothing is too good for Gunther VI, according to Mian. Well, that is if you fall for the canine story hook, line, and sinker.

Why Some People Doubt Gunther’s Veracity

While all of this sounds like a fantastic basis for a series, some parts of the story don’t add up. This has led individuals to deep dive into the topic, revealing discrepancies and holes in the story. Since Gunther can’t speak for himself, he must rely on Mian to advocate for him.

Unfortunately, Mian may have ulterior motives. News outlets have called him out, charging that the businessman is using Gunther VI to avoid Italian tax laws. Whether or not this is true remains to be seen. But one thing’s for sure, Gunther VI is a real, flesh and blood dog with a full entourage of individuals ready to serve at his beck and call. Coupled with pampered settings and gourmet food, this dog’s life is something to envy.

Gunther VI: The Plot Thickens

You can’t believe everything you see on TV, and getting to the truth behind the world’s wealthiest pup represents a rabbit hole as Gunther’s Millions attests. We’re talking about freaky stuff like accusations that Gunther’s companions maintain a cult-like organization that has even dabbled in human experimentation to create the “ideal population.” And in one interview, Mian implied Gunther is a clone.

Of course, these salacious details likely have your head spinning. You may be wondering what you can and can’t believe when it comes to some of the darkest and weirdest stories about Gunther. Topping the list of dubious “facts” is Countess Liebenstein. Moreover, there’s no historical proof the countess ever existed.

But the documentary makers behind Gunther’s Millions have corroborated that Gunther VI is flesh and blood. They also confirm he lives in Italy with Mian. Of course, whether the dog’s money is coming from a fictional countess or Mian himself is of little consequence. As it turns out, Mian has the resources to ensure Gunther’s status as the world’s richest dog, too.

The only thing consistent about Mian’s story is its inconsistencies. But why would Mian go to such great lengths to promote erroneous stories about Gunther? Aurelien Leturgie, director of the docuseries, developed her own theory while speaking with Mian. Leturgie explains, “I believe this story of the countess and the son and all these elements, all these great chapters of his life, have been his way to surround himself with people and keep him motivated, entertained.”

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