It’s Shark Week!

Sharks are one of the most interesting species on planet Earth. They don’t have any bones, they can live in almost any type of  water, and there are species hiding in the deep ocean that go for years without being seen. In honor of Shark Week, here are 15 true tales about the most misunderstood creature on Earth.

Sharks Mysteriously Turn Up In Golf Course Water Hazard

During a flood near Brisbane, Australia, bull sharks swam their way into the water hazards of a golf course! Once the water receded, the sharks didn’t leave with it. There were as many a six sharks throughout the golf course swimming, just a few feet away from players.

Sharks May or May Not Hate The Internet

To connect continents with internet we run giant lines of fiber optic cables in the deep ocean. The cords have to be wrapped in Kevlar, the material known from bullet proof vests! Why? Apparently, sharks have a tendency to use our internet cords as chew toys!

Shark Bites Cable

Shark Bites Cable

Velvet Belly Lanternshark

The velvet belly lanternshark is usually about 18 inches long AND GLOWS!

Dwarf lanternshark: A Shark That GLOWS!

Dwarf lanternshark: A Shark That GLOWS!

Rock On!

Featured in our Cartoon, Australian shark tour operator, Matt Waller, discovered that great white sharks are attracted to the music of the rock band AC/DC!


Sharks are Safer than Cows & Hippos

More people die each year by mosquitoes, hippos, deer, bees, dogs, ants, jellyfish, cows, horses, spiders, and rattlesnakes than sharks.

I rather see a shark next to me than this Hippo

I rather see a shark next to me than this Hippo

Sharks Like Your Vacation Spots Too

Florida, USA is the top location for shark attacks in the WORLD. I know what you’re thinking: Yes, even more than Australia.


Humans Are More Dangerous!

Roughly 100 Million Sharks are killed by humans every year compared to only 10 people killed by sharks in 2013.


The Shark Whisperer

Featured in Ripley’s book, Eli Martinez, or the shark whisperer, has learned how to interact with sharks! He even gets the sharks to roll over: a trick my dog can barely do.

Eli Martinez, Shark Roll Over

Gentle & Slow Shark: The Basking Shark

The basking shark, the world’s 2nd largest fish species, only swims around at a gentle speed of 3 miles an hour!



Hákarl, or kæstur hákarl, better known as Greenland shark meat, popular in Iceland, is poisonous when fresh and only edible after several months of fermentation!


Shark Don’t Have Ribcages

Sharks don’t have a single bone in their body! No bones means no ribcage. Without a ribcage, sharks bodies can crush their own internal organs under their own weight when brought on land.


The Dwarf Lantern Shark

The Dwarf Lantern Shark is possibly the smallest shark. The largest one ever found was no bigger than 8 inches long.

The Dwarf Lantern Shark

The Dwarf Lantern Shark

The Goblin Shark

We blogged about this months ago, Goblin Shark: The Thing of Nightmares!
We know very little about the goblin sharks. They live in very deep waters and rarely surface. The majority of sightings happen off the coast of Japan.


Picking A Fight!

A shark picked the wrong guy to get into a fight with!

In Hawaii, a surfer and former boxer, Jeff Horton, pulled his leg away at the exact time an attacking shark bit his surfboard. The shark hung around, so Jeff punched the shark in the eye! “I took one shot in the eye and the thing kind of gave up” he said.

Doesn't Like to Punched in the Face

Shark: “I Don’t Like to be Punched in the Face”