This Week

[May 13-19th, 2018] A two-headed deer, beer and diamonds, scientists transfer a memory, and the royal couple rendered with roses. 

Scientists Transfer Memory

Scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles, have managed to transfer a certain memory from one sea snail to another. The memory was unfortunately unpleasant—the shock of an electric zap. They did this by removing a part of the snails RNA and implanted it in another. They say this couldn’t work for all memories, but at least worked in this case for reflex reactions.

CC Genny Anderson

Diamonds And Beer

If you ever wanted to drink beer while you watched human remains turn into diamonds, Fibs Brewing Company is the place for you. Started by Greg Herro and Dean VandenBiesen—the people who turn cremated ashes into diamonds—the duo is sure their bar will be unlike any other.

“Where else can you go and have a fresh pint of beer and watch machines make diamonds out of dead people?”–Greg Herro

Kevin or Kelvin?

Johanna Sandstrom of Sweden wanted to honor her two-year-old son, Kevin, by getting a tattoo of his name, but apparently didn’t check on the work as it was being done. The tattoo she received added an “L” leaving her with “Kelvin” permanently inked on her arm. Instead of going through the costly process of having it removed, she simply renamed her son. She now says she likes the new name anyway, but will double-check when she gets a tattoo of her daughter’s tattoo next.

kelvin tattoo

Two-Headed Fawn

Poly-cephalic creatures are a mainstay of the Ripley’s collection, and we always keep an eye out for them in the news. Believe it or not, in our vast time collecting these animal oddities, we’ve never seen a two-headed deer survive birth. The fawns were discovered by a mushroom hunter and taken for study by the University of Georgia.

Credit: Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources

Royals In Roses

As we prepare for the epic marriage of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle this weekend, we decided to debut this newly acquired portrait to the world. Believe it or not, the royal couple is painted on a bed of rose petals. It joins our collection alongside a number of rose portraits by Ricardo Amezcua of Mexico, including Mother Teresa, Emma Watson, and Prince William kissing Kate Middleton. For more inside the royal weddings, check out our slice of wedding cake from Charles and Dianna’s wedding.