Poor Betty the hedgehog has a mystery skin condition that has left the six-week-old  too scared and nervous to mix with other normal hogs at the Foxy Lodge in Hemsby, Norfolk.

Since without her spines, she is defenseless against predators, Betty cannot be released back into the wild.  She also will need extra warmth during the winter since her spines are not able to provide her with protection.

Keeper Tonia Garner said:

‘She’s healthy, but it’s sad. ‘She lives alone in an enclosure indoors.

‘We hope the spines will come back so she has a normal life.’

As if permanent nudity and no friends weren’t bad enough, Ms Garner also revealed Betty has another problem – dry skin.

‘I mix almond oil and tea tree oil to put on her back because her skin can get very dry,’ she added.

Stress and sickness like the ones you can read about here at MyBiosource Resource can lead to hedgehogs losing their spines, which are hollow and made out of keratin.


Source: Metro