Formed in 1965 in Los Angeles, Jim Morrison & The Doors created their own recording studio in a worn-down area of Santa Monica Boulevard.  Today, that location is a Mexican Restaurant and the sound booth in which Morrison recorded is the men’s bathroom. Pop culture historian Chris Epting tells us all about it on this week’s Ripley Radio.

Charlie Andrews is one tough dude!  He is the reigning world champion  jouster.  Yes, there is such a sport as professional jousting and National Geographic Television features Andrews and others in the series, Knights of Mayhem.  Charlie explains that it is definitely a sport in which you WILL get hurt.

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Additional Bizarre, Unusual and Weird Topics discussed this week:


    • Man of many lives and careers, Pat Croce, the owner of St. Augustine’s Pirate and Treasure Museum tells Ralf that his crew has discovered two ships that were part of the Sir Francis Drake’s final expedition and that the body of Drake, which was lowered into the sea in a lead-lined coffin, could likely become their next discovery.


    • A stash of items stolen from a local police precinct was found in one of the cop’s basement. His defense is that a ghost must have stolen the property.


    • For Sale, read the ad on Craig’s List.  One video-game obsessed military veteran of Afghanistan. It seems the wife couldn’t get him to do anything but play the video war game. The ad was pulled by the web police.


    • Let’s sign up for a Groupon Deal, get more business and save our cupcake shop!  Wrong. The owner of Need a Cake Bakery in the UK received 8,500 orders totaling 102,000 cupcakes – an order that eventually cost her more than $19,000 extra to fill  – more than her profits for all of last year.


    • How about this claim to fame. A musician held a benefit concert in Africa – to raise money to build an electric fence around a compound – that contains blind elephants!


    • Return intern Abby reports on an English historian who was found with 20 female corpses in his house, all dressed up as if they were going to a party!


    • Angela researched mysterious deaths of magicians. Some died on stage, another died in the hospital while those in the audience thought appearing to be dead was part of his act!


  • Archivist Edward Meyer tells of his journey late last year into the mountains of Thailand.